The 6ixth Man


What is the 6ixth man?

The 6ixth man is a mindset that embodies the art of hustle. 

Dedicating your heart into your craft. 

Whatever your craft might be, or wherever you are in your walk in life, vowing to keep going no matter what.

No matter if you have ever been over looked or underrated, The 6ixth man is a mentality that is vital to success. 

Putting your head down and working, ignoring critics, ignoring outside noise. 

Finding your own way, 

if it’s not a clear path, making your own. 

The 6ixth man is about going as hard as you possibly can and trusting the process that comes with it. 

That might not always be instant gratification or instant admiration but knowing in your heart you are giving it everything you have .. success will find you. 

Thank you.